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Yes, I did design this site, but I've also designed other websites. The following are a few examples of what I've done for others, which will give you a bird's eye view of what I can do for you. These are links to external websites, so a new browser window will open when you click them.

  • Specialized Therapy Services, LLC - the client sent us a new logo, which required that the site be redesigned, because the new logo clashed with the existing design. This is another site that was converted to WordPress after the client approved the design layout I made.
  • - a site I designed from ground-up and for which I wrote all the content. Their marketing person provided the photos and feedback on the design through the design process.
  • - this was a site that needed to be redesigned from ground up. The site didn't work consistently across the browsers and the code was bad, so a complete redesign was the only solution. We're still working on meta tags and other search engine optimization (SEO), but at least the site is now cross-browser compatible and looks professional. By the way, if you need tax work, Toby McDaniel is the guy to call. He's helpful, knowledgeable and is not only licensed in California, but also in Texas. Visit him on the web, and use his booknow tool to book an appointment in real-time.
  • San Diego Computer Forensics - a site I did for a computer forensic specialist. I also helped him generate the content.
  • Acu-Care Health Centers - a site I originally did in 2000. I've since overhauled it to meet mondern standards and have made a lot of additions to it. I helped generate the content, and I helped her write some articles, including the two alternative medicine articles listed on the "Writing Samples" page. Kimberly Hoover is an excellent San Diego acupuncturist who provides outstanding customer service in a warm and welcoming environment. Visit her online and take advantage of the valuable coupons she has on her site. Call 619.282.8068 or 619.470.4714 to schedule an appointment.

In some cases, clients already have a designer or are working with ad agencies. In these cases, they just need someone who can take layered Photoshop files from the ad agency/designer and turn them into websites. In these cases, I rarely received any instructions on how the sites needed to work. But, I was still able to complete these pretty complicated sites within the allotted deadlines.

  • Baton Rouge Physical Therapy Lake - they wanted the layout to be a certain height and to have scrollbars appear if the content extended beyond the height of the layout. Also, this one has pop-up bios linked from their "Staff" page.
  • Quinn Orthopedic Physical Therapy - this was a rather complicated site because the template had to be customized for many of the pages, which required PHP and jQuery scripting. Pay particular attention to the "Our People" page, which required that the staff bios loaded in the right frame when clicked from the left frame and the "Services" page, which has a body diagram where external content is loaded into the blue frame when you roll your mouse over the dots. The text links below the blue frame and body diagram also change colors when you mouse over the dots, and when you roll over the text links, the dots on the body diagram change.

Print Work

As you can tell, I design and code websites. But, I can also do print work. I've done some brochure work for Printex Marking Technologies, and I did a couple for my daughter's college project that turned out very well. The last sample is a sheet of random logos I designed, so I could show a print sample to Printex Marking Technologies. All my samples are Adobe Acrobat PDF files and will open in new browser windows when you click the links.

  • JAHR Brochure - my daughter came up with the name--the acronym JAHR stands for "Justifiably Abolishing Health Risks". I designed the logo. Then, designed the brochure under her direction. I also helped her with the brochure content.
  • G2-150M Data Sheet - data sheet I designed for Printex Marking Technologies for their G2-150M machine. I edited the wording on it, as well.
  • Mortage Loan Modification Flyer - a flyer that I for which I did the layout for a friend of mine who generates leads for a loan modification company. The content needed a lot of work, so I went ahead and rewrote it, as well. This flyer gives a little information about the new housing laws passed by Obama for affordable mortgage refinancing and mortgage loan modification.
  • Another Mortgage Loan Modification Flyer - this is the second flyer I did for the same person. Once again, I did the design work and rewrote the content. This flyer focuses more on the fact that more than 85% of mortgage loans that were audited had Truth in Lending Act (TILA) and Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) violations to encourage people to contact Solution Law Group for help with negotiating a mortgage loan modification.
  • Logo Designs - random logos I designed in about 45 minutes. My business card artwork is on this page, too.

Interactive Elements

See my Interactive Elements section for web elements that make learning fun. A good website has informative content, but the great ones are also interactive. See some examples of how the simplest little things can make content come alive just because they invite the site visitor to DO something.

Contact me today if you have print or web work to be done. I do design and production artwork. In addition to website design, I also do web maintenance and upgrading. This consists of modifying the underlying HTML code, so that it is more compliant with modern browser standards, which makes the site easier for the search engines to spider. I can also do XML-based Google sitemaps, which makes it easier still for the search engines.