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This page features links to some instructional and informational content I organized and wrote. These demonstrate my ability to research a subject and provide useful information about it. It also features articles I've written on various subjects, including a few links to some of my articles on other websites. What better way is there to get to know my writing style and skill level than to actually read what I've written? Of course, I wrote the content on this website, but this section provides more of a bird's eye view of what I'm capable of doing for you. Enjoy...

Instructional Content

  • Water Monitoring Testing - a lengthy read, but a great way to see how well I can put together instructional material. This actually ended up completely taking the place of the on-site class for local schools and how a couple of foreign schools (in Uzbekistan and Warsaw, Poland) were able to successfully participate in the World Water Monitoring Day Event.
  • An Introduction to Pad Printing - a short primer I put together for Printex Marking Technologies. I wrote it, and it was edited by Ed Serra, an electrical engineer. I then reworked his edits for writing style and flow of readership. Additionally, I produced the illustrations demonstrating the pad printing process.

Informational Content

  • Cats - Family Felidae - a multi-page document with a listing, pictures and information on all 41 species of cats. It also goes into the distinction between big cats and small cats, tells how scientists believe cats purr and why they purr. Also has some sound files to play - check particularly the "Big Cats" page. For the time being, text navigation is at the bottom of each page until I decide how to do better subnavigation.
  • Bats - Order Chiroptera - this provides general information about bats and doesn't focus on any particular species, just the entire order of Chiroptera. It's background information for the interactive article The World's Only Flying Mammals.

Interactive Elements

See my Interactive Elements section for examples of great content coming alive with some simple interactive elements. Inviting people to DO something helps them retain the knowledge you impart and keeps them coming back for more, especially if you add new interactive elements on a regular basis.


  • TV Advertising Buying Tips - this is an article I wrote for Kelly Media Group.
  • Proofreading isn't that important... is it? - this is a quick article I just put together off the top of my head without going to any other sources.
  • Civet Coffee - yes, there really is such a thing. A friend of mine asked me to find out about it, and it resulted in this nifty article.
  • Do Spitting Cobras Really Spit? - the answer to a question another friend of mine asked, which resulted in this informative article.
  • What is Acupuncture? - an article I put together for one of my clients (a San Diego acupuncturist) that will be submitted to article sites, such as eZine, to help draw traffic to her site by means of a one-way return link. I wrote the article, and she edited it for technical accuracy.
  • What is Oriental Medicine? - another article for the San Diego acupuncturist that I wrote and she edited for technical accuracy.

Health, Diet & Nutrition Articles

  • Organic Poultry - a write-up I did to entice people to buy organic poultry. It was written a few days before Thanksgiving.
  • What is Diabetes? - an article I wrote to give a brief description of what diabetes is and what steps a person can take to help control blood glucose levels.
  • Breaking the Myths on Dietary Fats - an article that explains that fats are a necessary part of your diet. It's just a matter of eating the "right" fats. Read the article for more information.
  • Phytonutrients - an article that explains what phytonutrients have, where they can be found and what benefits they have for human health. Want to know more? Read the article.
  • The Vestibular System - a brief introduction to the vestibular system, the mammalian sensory system that plays a major role in balance, body position and spatial orientation.

Mortgage-Related Articles

I wrote for a mortgage broker for over 3 years. The following are some of the articles I did for him.

  • Home Buying in Today's Economy - this is an article that gives a snapshot of what buying a home in today's real estate entails, including a tip all homebuyers should follow before making the decision to buy a home.
  • Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae - What's the Difference? - an article I wrote to explain the difference between Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) and Ginnie Mae, an government-owned corporation. A lot of people confuse these entities. There are differences among them, but the lines of distinction may soon be blurred even more with the passage of the Federal Housing Finance Regulatory Reform Act of 2008.

The following are some of the mortgage-related articles I've written that you can find on the web. These are external links and will open a new browser window.

These writing samples demonstrate how I can write intelligently about a variety of topics. If you need some material written, contact me today.